Here you can listen to music that I've made for the past decade or so. Most of it is singer-songwritery stuff buried in layers of noise, but there are forays into other genres. I recommend steering clear of the "lost" series until you know what you're in for.

Spirit Waves

Spirit Waves — (2021-09-03) Locusts
Spirit Waves — (2017-04-15) untitled
Spirit Waves — (2016-04-15) Impossible Virtue
Spirit Waves — (2015-10-13) NO HOME
Spirit Waves — (2014-09-06) she made me want to vanish.

The "Lost" Series

The "Lost" series is made up of odds and ends, unfinished sketches and half-baked ideas. You may find something interesting here, but know that it isn't really the work I'm proud of.

Spirit Waves — (2021-08-30) lost7: Live at N.A.S.A.
Spirit Waves — (2018-04-09) lost6: Moments i&n truth.
Spirit Waves — (2018-04-09) lost5: network::omissions
Spirit Waves — (2015-01-09) lost4: EMERGENCY
Spirit Waves — (2014-10-17) lost3: lost soul place
Spirit Waves — (2014-09-29) lost2: P_E_A_C_E★S_T_A_R
Spirit Waves — (2014-07-13) lost1: lurking bird


The Key Loser and Spirit Waves — (2022-04-21) Oat of Life (Disappearances Happen)
Five Star Hotel featuring Spirit Waves — (2016-10-31) For a Moment
Alex remixed by Spirit Waves — (2015-01-22) Extradited [Hypnosis Session Mix]

Other Projects

Thee Stone Masons — (2013-09-13) Porch Heaven
Mother Policeman — (2012-02-18) 1981
Mother Policeman — (2012-02-12) Redwood