Here you can see what I thought of various media. I may use this sporadically to replace services like Letterboxd, Sonemic, GoodReads, and so on, as well as to dabble with written reviews. These reviews do not claim to be on any objective metric, they are more reflections of how I felt at the time of watching, putting down the score, or writing out a small essay about it. Please don't take me for someone who speaks authoritatively on media, because I am not. I'm just some guy who likes it a lot.

Scorecard: 5.0: Masterpiece; 4.5: Godlike; 4.0: Fantastic; 3.5: Great; 3.0: Good; 2.5: Decent; 2.0: Mediocre; 1.5: Dodgy; 1.0: Bad; 0.5: Terrible; 0.0: Abysmal; ~: Unscored

PLEASE NOTE: These reviews do not always follow this template, but it should give you a good idea of what the scores mean to me. I err mostly towards harsher scores to give more nuance to the ways things can be enjoyable. It's safe to say that anything that gets a 3.0 or higher is worth your time. Below that may be so, but there is a chance that it will depend on if your interests align with the thing or not. If it looks cool and isn't a 1.0 or lower, go for it!


Medium Title Year Creator Score Date
BookGlamorama1998Bret Easton Ellis3.52022-03-29
MovieBoiling Point2021Philip Barantini3.02022-03-23
MovieTurning Red2022Domee Shi3.52022-03-12
TVEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie2019Vince Gilligan3.52022-02-13
TVBreaking Bad2008-2013Vince Gilligan/AMC3.52022-02-13
BookChild of God1973Cormac McCarthy3.02022-02-06
MovieJackass Forever2022Jeff Tremaine2.52022-02-04
BookIn the Miso Soup1997Ryƫ Murakami, tl. Ralph McCarthy2.02022-01-31
BookJacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto2012David Kushner2.02022-01-31
GameLake2021Gamious/Whitethorn Digital1.52022-01-23
MusicThe Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording2001John Coltrane5.02022-01-17
MovieDrive My Car2021Ryusuke Hamaguchi3.02022-01-01
GameGrand Theft Auto IV2008Rockstar North/Rockstar Games3.52021-12-13
MusicBack in the Jazz Coffin2017The AJJs2.52021-12-06
GameKara no Shoujo: The Second Episode
2012 (2020)Innocent Grey/MangaGamer/Oneline's Workshop3.52021-09-30
GameKara no Shoujo
2008 (2019)Innocent Grey/MangaGamer/Oneline's Workshop3.52021-07-08
GameCartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~2005Innocent Grey/MangaGamer2.52021-09-30
BookThe Informers1994Bret Easton Ellis3.02021-05-27
BookAmerican Psycho1991Bret Easton Ellis4.02021-05-11
BookThe Rules of Attraction1987Bret Easton Ellis2.02021-05-01
BookLess Than Zero1985Bret Easton Ellis3.52021-04-15
BookThe Catcher in the Rye1951J.D. Salinger4.02021-03-07
BookDreamseller2008Brandon Novak & Joseph Frantz1.52021-02-25
BookBlood, Sweat, and Pixels:
The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made
2017Jason Schreier1.52020-05-06
BookNo Longer Human1958Osamu Dazai, tl. Donald Keene3.02020-05-06
BookNotes from Underground1864Fyodor Dostoevsky, tl. Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky3.02020-04-28
BookThe Stranger1942Albert Camus, tl. Matthew Ward4.02020-03-17
BookFight Club1996Chuck Palahniuk2.52020-03-10
BookHard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World1985Haruki Murakami, tl. Alfred Birnbaum4.02020-02-27
BookHear the Wind Sing1979Haruki Murakami, tl. Alfred Birnbaum2.02020-01-22
BookThis Is Water:
Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, About Living a Compassionate Life
2005David Foster Wallace2.02020-01-21
BookProfessional Idiot: A Memoir2011Stephen "Steve-O" Glover1.52019-12-29